Product Design Process

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The process of designing an urban element and getting that made just the way you want it can be a daunting one. Here at Commercial Systems, we pride ourselves in our comprehensive design process to help bring your idea to life – exactly the way you pictured it.


Provided Concept Documentation

We start off every design process by evaluating your idea. From your images and drawings we do the best that we can to evaluate the construction and the materials used in your design. From this we can assist with providing advice regarding the design and estimated budget for your project.

MP-02 MP-01



Product Modelling

When it comes to bringing your design to life, we will take all of the discussed information and translate that into a 3D model of the design – this gives us a comprehensive understanding of the design and helps us work our any engineering issues that we may come across. From this there is also the option for us to provide computer generated renderings of the design. We strive to make these as lifelike as possible to help give you piece of mind going forward. To give you an example, here are some renderings we made of a feature seat design for Melbourne Park. To compare, there are some photos at the bottom of the page.


MP-03 MP-04



CAD Documentation

This can be the longest and most important part of the design process. We convert this idea into a documented, engineered and manufacturable product. The first part of this process is to send the customer a set of drawings showing all of the intricate details of the design to make sure that we have every little thing correct. When you are happy with the detail provided we continue with the second stage by creating further drawings for our in house manufacturing team to be able to manufacture each and every component of your product.

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By utilising our strong network of local material providers and our in-house team of fabricators, carpenters and assembly team, we get to work. The single goal of our team is to make sure the final product is exactly as you pictured it.

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For more information about this process, including the time it takes to provide you with your design, please visit our FAQ.