At CSA we recognise the importance of environmental protection and sustainability. We are committed to minimising our environmental impact and have a management system in place to make sure this happens. We offer customers a selection of recycled timber, recycled plastic and sustainable forestry timber products for use in bespoke or standard furniture.




CSA recommends EnviroSlat®, composite recycled plastic for use on our standard and custom range of public furniture. EnviroSlat® is durable, long lasting and offers a great price for customers. EnviroSlat® has the look of timber, with a natural embossed grain. Our colour Walnut has been inspired by a blend of Australian Hardwood timbers. Developed for Australian use, EnviroSlat® can be substituted for timber on our standard timber and metal range of furniture which includes seats, picnic settings and litter bin enclosures among many other products.



  • Diverts plastic and timber waste from landfill.
  • Low maintenance and resistant to weathering.
  • Requires no painting or staining as the colour is built in to the product.
  • UV treatment and special pigments ensure minimal colour fade.
  • Will not split or rot and is termite resistant.
  • Anti graffiti coatings can easily be applied.
  • Fantastic low price.



CSA does not support the logging of international forests. We support sustainable forestry and we source timbers from Australian-managed forests only. Our standard Spotted Gum timber is certified AFS. The objective of the Australian Forestry Standard is to provide forest managers and owners with economic, social, environmental and cultural criteria and requirements that support the sustainable management of forests for wood production. Commercial Systems Australia also offers customers a selection of recycled or reclaimed timbers.