CSA Batten Size Guide

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Standard Batten Profiles

Commercial Systems Australia has been supplying the Australian market with a full range of outdoor furniture. Over the years we have developed standard timber sizes to suit a wide range or furniture.

For timber these include 40x30mm, 60x40mm, 140x35mm and 60x30mm profiles. The standard length for most park furniture battens is 1.8 metres long. For custom projects, CSA can also supply the 40x30mm and 60x40mm profiles in longer lengths up to 3.6 metres long.

In more recent years, recycled composites have been developed to replace timber battens. These are manufactured using the waste products from other industries and can be a good alternative when less maintenance is required on a piece of furniture. At Commercial Systems Australia, we have developed standard profiles to use in lieu of our standard timber battens in almost all situations. These sizes include 40x30mm, 60x40mm and 140x35mm profiles.

It should also be noted that the composites don’t quite have the strength of timber and the furniture does required additional framework to support these battens.

CSA stock the Enviroslat in a Walnut colour that comes in a woodgrain embossed finish to better match the timber counterpart. Fur furniture longer than 1.8 metres, CSA can supply the 40x30mm and 60x40mm profiles but please note that due to manufacturing limitations, these only come in a brushed finish.

Timber (LH), Woodgrain Enviroslat (Centre), Brushed Enviroslat (RH)

Other colours of the Enviroslat are also available to order but are subject to minimum order quantities.


Custom Batten Profiles

Commercial Systems Australia help design and manufacture custom furniture products for a wide range of infrastructure projects. Working with contractors and landscape architects to bring their ideas to life. A wide range of these different projects can be viewed here:


To help with these projects, CSA has to try and use the best available materials sizes to manufacture the intended design. When going through the quoting and design process, the first aspect that is reviewed is the timber profile. There are a lot of different sizes used in the industry and the below information is to explain the timber profiles that CSA quote and use in their custom product designs.

Much like the timber that CSA use on their standard products, the timber that CSA source is the highest quality Class 1 Australian hardwood. Most of the time the material specified by architects and available to use is Spotted Gum. This is a hearty species of hardwood that also has a lot of natural character.

The timber that CSA source is delivered with a moisture content of between 12 and 18% which is ideal for use on outdoor furniture. Higher grade timbers are sometimes specified which are usually dried at and below 10% moisture content. When exposed to the elements, this timber will then take on moisture which will cause it to grow, warp and possibly split.

The material available with the ideal moisture content and available in the lengths required for custom products is available in multiple profile sizes. This material then requires some additional work to square up the timber and smooth out the surface of the timber to make it suitable for the use on public furniture.

Example of the shape of timber and what it is dressed down to (above)

Below is a list of the available furniture batten sizes and the material size that it is dressed down from.


Source Material         Dressed Battens Size

45 x 45mm                    40 x 40mm

70 x 35mm                    65 x 30mm

70 x 45mm                    65 x 40mm

90 x 35mm                    85 x 30mm

90 x 45mm                    85 x 40mm

140 x 35mm                  135 x 30mm

140 x 45mm                  135 x 40mm

190 x 35mm                  185 x 30mm

190 x 45mm                  185 x 40mm


These dressed sizes are what CSA use when working with architects to resolve custom designs and what will be specified when CSA quote on your project.

If you would like to download this information for future use, please click here.