Product Ranges

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CSA are a total package supplier that can provide you with all of the furniture that you require to set up your school, park or urban development. Below is a visual guide that displays our popular product families. Each image will link you to the product. But remember – this is a guide! Feel free to mix and match products that you think will suit your space. If you have any questions at all, please contact us.


Vivid Range

Colourful, dynamic and customisable! This versatile range of furniture is suitable for parks, urban locations, schools – you name it.

TM4610 (Powdercoated legs and frame, Australian hardwood timber) TM4611 (Powdercoated frame and legs, Australian hardwood timber) TM4612-11 Vivid Setting (Powdercoated frame and legs, Australian hardwood timber) TM4613 (Powdercoated frame and legs, Australian hardwood timber) BR7200 (Stainless steel, powdercoated panel) DF5100 Vivid Drinking Fountain (Powdercoated) LR6600 Vivid Bin Enclosure (Powdercoated body, SSTF lid) SB2200 (Stainless steel frame)
Manhattan Range
The new staple of Australian park furniture. Simple and elegant – now in hundreds of parks across Australia! 

TM4510 Manhattan Seat Thumbnail TM4511 Manhattan Bench Thumbnail TM4512 TM4511 Manhattan Setting Thumbnail TM4513-Manhattan-Stool-4 Manhattan Bike Leaning Rail LR6532 Manhattan Bin Enclosure LR6534 Manhattan Litter Receptacle


Urbania Range

The much loved, heavy duty set of furniture for your urban project.

TM4501-Urbania-Seat-with-Arms1 TM4505-Urbania-Bench-with-Arms2 TM4503-Urbania-Bench2 TM4506-Urbania-Stool-Thumbnail2 Urbania Setting SB2101 (Stainless steel, Australian hardwood timber, bolt down fixing)LR6605Urbania Bike Leaning Rail


Albert Park Range

This is the classic Melbourne style and been around for generations. These items are timeless and part of our park culture.

TM4064 Albert Park Seat Thumbnail TM4115 TM4116 Albert Park Setting Thumbnail TM4116 (Powdercoated frame, Enviroslat battens) BR7008 Bike Leaning Rail SB2015 Dome Top Bollard LR6158 120L Perforated Bin Enclosure LR6136 Hobart Litter Receptacle Thumbnail 


Vertical Slat Range

Do you like timber? Then this is the one for you. Simple and strong – perfect for schools and parks.

TM4035 Vertical Slat Seat with Armrests Thumbnail TM4050 Park Seat Thumbnail TM4053 Park Bench Thumbnail TM4053-M-Thumbnail TM4053 TM4054 Vertical Slat Setting Thumbnail LR6163 120L Timber Bin Enclosure Thumbnail LR6040 Yard Litter Receptacle Thumbnail BR7010 Hoop Bike Leaning Rail Thumbnail
Steel Slat Range
For unbreakable furniture, the steel slat range is for you. These furniture items will last for years and years. 

HM3020 (Stainless steel) HM3010 Steel Slat Bench Thumbnail Steel Slat Setting with Benches HM3050 Curved Steel Slat Seat Thumbnail LR6103 Steel Slat Litter Receptacle Thumbnail